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Нелюбовь (2017) 愛已逝 預告片
Loveless (2017) on IMDb

Phantom Thread,霓裳魅影,預告片
Phantom Thread (2017) 霓裳魅影 預告片
Phantom Thread (2017) on IMDb
還記憶猶新Paul Thomas Anderson和Daniel Day Lewis一導一演,合作劇力萬鈞的'There Will Be Blood',轉眼已經十年。這次他們再度合作改編真人真事,50年代英倫裁縫師Reynolds Woodcock和他的繆斯,告訴我們霓裳大師凡人的一面。
'Phantom Thread' trailer transcript
You can sew almost anything into the canvas of a coat.
When I was a boy, I started to hide things in the lining of the garments.
Things that only I knew were there.
Good morning.
Would you have dinner with me?
I feel as if I've been looking for you for a very long time.
You look beautiful.
Very beautiful.
I have things I want to do.
Things I simply cannot do without you.
Reynolds has made my dreams come true, and I have given him what he desires most in return.
Every piece of me.
Why are you not married?
Her arrival has cast a very long shadow.
She's barely looked at you this evening, has she?
May I warn you of something?
My brother can feel cursed, that love is doomed for him.
I don't like the fabric.
Maybe one day you'll change your taste.
Maybe I like my own taste.
Just enough to get you in trouble.
Perhaps I'm looking for trouble.
There is an air of quiet death in this house.
You're not cursed, you're loved by me.
Stop playing this game!
What game?
What precisely is the nature of my game?
All your rules and your clothes and all this money and everything is a game!
This was an ambush.
Were you sent here to ruin my evening and possibly my entire life?
Stop it!
Whatever you do, do it carefully.
相關文章:觀後感: 'There Will Be Blood' 黑金企業 2007

Maudie (2016) 莫德劉易斯 預告片
Maudie (2016) on IMDb
翻譯心得:預告片最後一句話,字簡單意思不簡單,外文似乎老是這樣,每個字都認是,串在一起又變另一回事。'The whole of life already framed, right there.'那'framed'這句話讓我很傷腦筋該怎麼傳達,的確那是框架,給人框限、受限的感覺,對畫家的想像力和創造力來說,「人生早就被框在那了」,是矛盾的描述。我嘗試用另一個角度翻譯那句話,縱然窗外世界存在關節炎的、生活煩又繁又凡的框,但Maud不一樣的視野才有溫暖畫作。從這角度觀察,框限就不是那麼限制了。
'Maudie' trailer transcript
Hello there, Charles.
I sold the house.
Our house!?
Maud, mom left it to me.
I'll look after it.
You can't look after yourself.
I get a job or something.
A job? a job doing what?
I don't know!
I'm thinking about hiring a woman to help around the house.
I want to put up a sign , you know, looking for a housemaid.
I'm Maud.
It woud be nice for you to have someone around here.
Let me tell you how it is.
There's me. And dogs, then chickens, then you.
Do you want me here or don't you?
Because I'll walk out right now.
Who told you, you could paint fairies on the wall?
I think it looks alright.
Did you paint that happy little chicken?
Yeah, I wanted to remember his happier days.
How much?
What's your price?
Five dollars.
I'm not selling that one.
Already sold.
I haven't finished it.
You can find Maud Lewis selling her paintings from the front step of her little house here in Marshalltown, Nove Scotia.
Could I get you to look towards the camera this way, Mr. Lewis? And a smile, maybe?
You can do much better than me.
I've got everything that I want with you, Everett.
A window. I'd love a window.
The whole of life already framed, right there.

心眼,All I See Is You,預告片
All I See Is You (2017) 心眼 預告片
All I See Is You (2017) on IMDb
導演Marc Foster的獨立電影,他拍過大片也拿過大獎,這次題材選擇夫妻之間的懸疑愛情。妻子視力受損時特別感動先生照護她,然而視力恢復後卻不敢說自己看清楚了。
翻譯心得:預告片裡提到距離,如'by Week 4 you should be at 20/50.'50碼的範圍內可以看見20碼,他們說這叫作恢復4成視力,若可見30碼則恢復6成視力,依此類推。
'All I See Is You' trailer transcript
Does it ever bother you to take care of me?
It makes me feel special.
I'll restore the optical properties of the right eye.
You'll be able to count fingers on Day one,
By Week 4 you should be at 20/50.
May I have you count backwards from ten?
10, 9…
I can see.
What's going on?
It justs feels like I knew everything, and now I don't.
I've never seen my wife in a dress like that.
I guess it's not really you, huh?
Well, we don't really know who me is, do we?
Who was the guy you were talking to over there?
Did you love me more before?
When you were blind?
I could ask you the same thing.

1922 (2017) 一九二二 預告片
'一九二二' on Netflix
1922 (2017) on IMDb
莊稼漢在預告片裡就承認殺妻,只因為人死了才是恐怖的開始。電影改編自Stephen King的小說,你可以在他的小說集<暗夜無星>(Full Dark, No stars)裡找到這則恐怖故事。
'1922' trailer transcript
A man's pride was a man's land.
And so was his son.
My wife…
She wanted us to leave all this behind.
We can move.
The cities are for fools.
We divorce.
We both know that's the way you want.
Life is rearly fair, especially out here.
I believe there's another man inside every man.
A conniving man.
I'm gonna sell.
You, my son, come with me.
This is our house.
I murdered my wife.
Want to buy lemonade, sheriff?
Can I look in the house?
She only took one suitcase.
A woman had be crazy to leave a nice house like this one.
You cursed me! You cursed it all!
I hope out there is no God, because there is no heaven, there is no hell.

女神卡卡五呎二吋,Gaga Five Foot Two,預告片
Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) 女神卡卡:五呎二吋 預告片
'女神卡卡:五呎二吋' on Netflix
Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) on IMDb
流行天后Lady Gaga有過一段低潮期,健康紅燈、不安全感是她的低潮持續好幾年,這部紀錄片就是在講舞台後的Gaga。
'Gaga: Five Foot Two' trailer transcript
The truth is,
when producers want me to be sexy, I always put some absurd spin on it.
That made me feel like I was still in control.
What happened in the last five years?
Real fans probably knew deep down that there was something going on.
Paranoia, fear, body pain, anxiety.
I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence.
And all these people will leave, then I'll be alone.
I didn't feel good enough.
And I do now.
That's the good part.
I have chased this pain down for five years.
But, when I feel the adrenaline in my music and my fans, I can fucking go.
My family is the most important thing in my life.
Hi, Grandma!
Hello there.
She died when she was 19.
I can always bring my past with me, but I can never go back.
You got to leave yourself behind.
I want to do the opposite of what everyone thinks that I'm going to do.
There really isn't anything weird than this.
Do you have the new Lady Gaga album?
The new lady named what?
Lady Gaga album.
Oh! Do we have that—

這就是我們,This Is Us,預告片
This Is Us (2016) 這就是我們 預告片
'This Is Us' on NBC
This Is Us (2016) on IMDb
'This Is US'描寫家庭、生活、情感,是典型的生活劇,情節溫馨悸動也獲得相當高的收視率和金球肯定。2017年播映第二季,2018年將續播第三季。

電子幻夢,Electric Dreams,預告片
Electric Dreams (2017) 電子幻夢 預告片
電視劇/科幻/懸疑/Amazon Studio出品
'Electric Dreams' on Prime Video
Electric Dreams (2017) on IMDb
Philip K Dick的科幻小說,英美合拍的科幻電視劇,由各個獨立的科幻單元故事匯聚而成。這個方式如果用在一本科幻短篇小說集是成立的,在一套電視劇則會黏不住觀眾,換句話說,來不及認得主角怎麼下一集都變了。但是,如果我們不要用「追劇」的節奏去追,恰巧有空觀賞某一單元,我相信劇是優質的。
'Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams' trailer transcript
People say we know everything, down to the molecules, atoms.
But here, there will always be mystery.
What is that?
A vacation.
How's your memory?
Fussy, but it's coming back.
No, I think I don't remember everything.
I'm just a passenger.
You'll see that we're all passenger here.
I'm going on a trip. a voyage.
Out there, somewhere.
If we do this, there is no going back.
I need to talk to someone about my father.
Something is going on.
You haven't noticed anything unusual since your return?
It's just different.
I'd dreamed you.
And I think maybe you had dreamed me, too.

尚的兒子 Le Fils de Jean,a kid,預告片
Le Fils de Jean (2016) 尚的兒子 預告片
Le Fils de Jean (2016) on IMDb

雙面葛蕾斯,Alias Grace,預告片
Alias Grace (2017) 雙面葛蕾斯 預告片
'雙面葛蕾斯' on Netflix
Alias Grace (2017) on IMDb
2016、17有兩位資深作家特別火紅,其實他們一直都很紅,應該說再起風雲,多部作品再度搬上銀幕。一是Stephen King,另一就是這套劇的原著作者Margaret Atwood。Atwood很多作品在講女人,'Alias Grace'也不例外,但這套劇有凶殺案背景,講比較多心理驚悚,Sarah Gadon擔任女主角是絕佳casting,她這方面的演出經驗豐富,氣質也吻合。我個人覺得Keira KnightleyElizabeth Olsen,當然還有另一位Elisabeth,新影后Elisabeth Moss,她們都很適合詮釋Atwood筆下人物。
翻譯心得:每次小說改編的片子,多少會出現比較華麗的對白,翻譯很頭大,這裡就不碎念了。一般劇力萬鈞的金句都會放在預告片結尾,而小說改編的best line會比較常也比較雕,如這裡最後出現的'I may have changed some of the details of my stories to suit what I thought you wanted to hear.'出現的時態、假設語氣、措辭,當然也包括演員說這句話的口氣,少了一樣就不夠懸疑。如果可以,留給讀者們細細品味。
'Alias Grace' trailer transcript
Sooner or later we'll get to the bottom of it.
To know the whole truth at last.
I have been an inmate for 15 long years.
I was convicted of murder when I was a young girl.
Good morning, Grace.
I'm a doctor that works not with bodies, but with the mind.
Perhaps I'll tell you lies.
Perhaps you will.
Perhaps you will tell them without meaning to.
Perhaps you will tell them deliberately.
Perhaps you are a liar.
There are those who've said I am one.
People want a guilty person.
If there's been a crime, they want to know who did it.
What it says at the beginning of my confession is true enough.
I did indeed come from the North of Ireland.
Get out and send money back.
I tell you, truly, you are surrounded by dangers here.
You know, I've had enough of your face.
You're very curious for such a young person.
Strange to reflect, out of all the people living in that house,
I was the only one of them left alive in six months' time.
It is not always the one who strikes the blow that is the actual murderer.
I may have changed some of the details of my stories to suit what I thought you wanted to hear.


Phantom Thread,霓裳魅影
心眼,All I See Is You
女神卡卡五呎二吋,Gaga Five Foot Two
這就是我們,This Is Us
電子幻夢,Electric Dreams
尚的兒子 Le Fils de Jean,a kid
雙面葛蕾斯,Alias Grace



CinemaWorld世界影城電影頻道每週日都有來自世界各國優質的電影 ,題材也很豐富。院線片有院線片的熱鬧,這裡的片子相對安靜,飲食均衡不容易,不過精神食糧比較容易做到,有時候我週日看一看覺得很有意思,所以從這裡開始向讀者朋友介紹。如果你家跟我一樣也裝MOD,這裡有節目表(中華電信MOD: 627台)。

Waterboys (2016) 水男孩們 預告片

荒唐愛情故事,給鳥兒的情書,Vir Die Voels,預告片
Vir Die Voels (2016) 荒唐愛情故事 預告片
(其他名稱:For the Birds, 給鳥兒的情書)
'Vir Die Voels'(For the Birds)說女孩的故事,也說70年代的南非想要獨立自主的女孩子如何找到幸福。

失蹤作家,尋找賈克,Ballade vir 'n Enkeling,預告片
Ballade vir 'n Enkeling (2015) 失蹤作家 預告片
(其他名稱:Looking For Jacques, 尋找賈克)

Stebuklas (2017) 牧場奇蹟 預告片
(其他名稱:Miracle, 奇蹟農場)








我的家鄉台灣,電影市場保守估計五成以上來自外國片,看電影需要透過翻譯,而電影本身已經商品化,官方譯法必然受到商品化影響,中譯片名、對話都包含在內。在台灣,'the Shawshank Redemption'是《刺激1995》、'Gone Girl'是《控制》,'Carol'是《因為愛你》,還有一部,我怎麼可以忘了呢?那是我學生時代的離譜經典'Sliver'譯作《銀色獵物》。曾經這樣,未來仍會這樣,為了在最短的時間內引起注意,加深觀眾印象。然而,我和大家一樣都是觀眾,在我還是學生的時候,為了想知道片子的原名到底是什麼意思,一個一個單字查字典,有的片子意思吻合,有的片子天差地遠,我就是這樣看電影長大的,現在我只想以文化的角度推廣故事,想要替你節省查字典的時間,可能沒人查字典了,至少也能節省google的時間,直接明白原片名的意思,因此,你會看見雨木H頻道有些片名和官方不一樣。無分大眾小眾,但凡故事題材有意思的片子,我願意盡我所能介紹給讀者朋友。


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本名黃霈杰,祖籍福建閩清,1980年生於台灣台北,持續航行,寫下他所看見的世界。 寫書:我的心願寫故事,故事充實人生,我就這樣相信著,也一直朝這個方向前進。